The Death Cure – James Dashner . 

The concluding book of the trilogy , The Death Cure will teach you that the number 255 is more unlucky than the number 13 . 

They have survived the Maze , they have survived the Scorch and now the trials have ended . For most of the gladers they have , but not for our loved trio , Tom , Newt and Minho . The Rat Man wants the chip removed and memories restored from the three’s head and as expected they refuse and a revolt has started . 

And , oh , by the by , Gally is alive and a member of the right arm . And , oh , Newt is not immune to the Flare . And , oh , there are cities in the world . And , oh , Jorge and Brenda work for Wicked and are immune . 

Awesome work , Mr. D . 
Thomas’s journey has taken a different turn . Now surviving is not the aim , stopping Wicked is . He joins the Right Arm and starts to work against Wicked , dealing with his own problems , meanwhile . He must make peace with Gally and  he must make peace with the deaths .
You’d think that the Trials have ended by now , but oh no , Wicked has started another round and it’s up to Thomas to stop em . 

This is the last of the trilogy ,so you’d think this is the last you will see of this messed up world , but you’re wrong . 

See how Thomas saves his life , saves the dying human civilization and is unable to save what matters the most , his friend’s lives . 

Mr. D at his best . 
Later . 


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