The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

He’s back with the more thrilling , more confusing sequel of the Maze Runner . After making teen orphans buys run through a dangerous giant maze filled with giants monsters , the God of this fictional world decided to make them go through a dead , deserted , zombie city .

Most of the gladers have died now and Thomas is still depressed about the awful murder of his best friend Chuck . And Mr. D added to this horrible experience of seeing his best friend die , the sight of corpses and zombies .

Way to go !

The second trials have begun now and Teresa is missing . She is replaced by Aris , who apparently was from another maze trials . Now there boys must travel through a zombie haven in order to prove that they are good enough . And I thought my exams were hard .

Cranks and the Flare is introduced . The boys of Group A have now met the girls of Group B . And they are ready to do anything to survive . From zombies to monster weather to rusty bullet to weird metal head-cutting helmet , anything can kill you here .

With Teresa gone , a new love interest in introduced , Brenda , the second in command of a group of sane cranks . She and her command Jorge aids Thomas and his friend to get past the scorch , facing emotional issues , starvation , dehydration and of course .


Follow his journey as the mystery of this fascinating new death world  is slowly unravelled by Thomas , raising more questions while not answering all the ones you got from the previous book .

He founds out that the world had ended with the solar flares and the Flare virus inflicting over the world . And they are immune . Well , not all of them .

It can be said that this great author designed the books with two motives only –

  1. To increase his audience and keep entertaining the current one
  2. Make them buy the sequels

Later .


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