The Maze Runner – James Dashner 

Mr. D  outdid himself when he was thinking of this one . Every second day , I imagine what was going on in his mind when he came up with this plot .

” Okay , orphan . Doesn’t remember anything . Ok , nice . But it is missing something . Let’s see , what is it ? Oh , I know , a giant maze filled with bio-mechanical monster that are here just to test if these guys can start new civilization because the last one became zombies .”

Salute .

Follow Thomas , in his journey of something that keeps changing many times . He is the main character who doesn’t know a thing about himself and is casted into a giant cage filled with boys who have very wierd vocabulary .

The Glade is the name of the place where they live . The reason of the name is still unknown . It is filled with boys who know nothing but their names and also , building buildings , constructing laws , farming , dairy farming , and are capable of form a gov.

Thomas is aided by two of his friends Newt and Minho as he uses mind to solve a giant maze which could not be solved by 50 supposedly the best in the world kids .

He fights wierd monsters , the creators , wicked people and HIS CURIOSITY to survive and to also to impress his ex-girlfriend Teresa .

After coming in an hostile environment without his memory , he surprisingly quickly gained control to end the Maze Trials . Maybe he was the last trial that the gladers had to face – Civil War .

Start a very confusing adventure with Thomas , which you think will answer all your questions in the end , but it won’t .

One of the few books that gained control of my mind while I was reading it .
Later .


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