Private India – Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson 

This book is a masterpiece . I know that starting the review like this makes me look like a crazy fan , but damn , it is .

Following the story of Santosh Wagh , this book focuses on one gender-changing psychopath who is also a great devote of Durga .

Both the authors , beautifully have placed a handful of story arcs , some flashbacks , some telling about the main plan in the background and of course the maniacal serial killer taking to himself .

Jack Morgan , the main character of the private series recruits Santosh Wagh , a man recovering from the traumic death of his family for which he blames himself .  Santosh is assisted by the Private team , coming from different corners , societies of the Indian country . The first is Nisha , an orphan , always wondering and fearing that she will lose her family again and almost the last victim of the killer . Another is Hari , the tech expert , a Scheduled Caste scared from the society . The last is Mubeen , the bio-engineer who does …. Um ……  not much .

The book chronicles the character’s journey to what they are today and also of the antagonist’s . Munna , a typical Bombay type gang leader and with a typical name borrowed from Bollywood . One of the story arcs tell his rise from nothing to the leading everything from the dark side of Mumbai .

And then there’s the killer , who …….  . Well, I am not gonna kill the book with spoilers . You might as well read it now . Because I promise you , there’s no way you can’t come with a reason not to .

Look forward to reading the rest of the Private series .

Later .


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