Sorry for the long disappearance guys . I was busy . But I have made my return with a self-written poem The Nightmare  . Hope you like it and Hope you forgive me .


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A Nightmare

He drove off into the sunset

Grieving about the tragedy with which he had just met

He had no idea where to go

He wanted to cope , but didn’t know how to do so


With him was a bottle and a bag

He knew he wouldn’t go back

It was too much for him to bear

He wanted his end to be near


Not looking where he was going

His mind back to pain was going

In front of him came a poll

And a sound came like a bell’s toll


His body hit the concrete blocks

He woke up

It was a nightmare of sorts

A break

Hey guys !

You may or may not know this but I am a teenager which means I have to go through the horrors of school . And since I have a boss fight of horrors , exams , to deal with , I’m afraid I can’t do any posts for a couple of weeks .

But don’t worry , I will make up for it .

So goodbye for now , my 12 viewers . ( I am not complaining )

The Death Cure – James Dashner . 

The concluding book of the trilogy , The Death Cure will teach you that the number 255 is more unlucky than the number 13 . 

They have survived the Maze , they have survived the Scorch and now the trials have ended . For most of the gladers they have , but not for our loved trio , Tom , Newt and Minho . The Rat Man wants the chip removed and memories restored from the three’s head and as expected they refuse and a revolt has started . 

And , oh , by the by , Gally is alive and a member of the right arm . And , oh , Newt is not immune to the Flare . And , oh , there are cities in the world . And , oh , Jorge and Brenda work for Wicked and are immune . 

Awesome work , Mr. D . 
Thomas’s journey has taken a different turn . Now surviving is not the aim , stopping Wicked is . He joins the Right Arm and starts to work against Wicked , dealing with his own problems , meanwhile . He must make peace with Gally and  he must make peace with the deaths .
You’d think that the Trials have ended by now , but oh no , Wicked has started another round and it’s up to Thomas to stop em . 

This is the last of the trilogy ,so you’d think this is the last you will see of this messed up world , but you’re wrong . 

See how Thomas saves his life , saves the dying human civilization and is unable to save what matters the most , his friend’s lives . 

Mr. D at his best . 
Later . 

The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

He’s back with the more thrilling , more confusing sequel of the Maze Runner . After making teen orphans buys run through a dangerous giant maze filled with giants monsters , the God of this fictional world decided to make them go through a dead , deserted , zombie city .

Most of the gladers have died now and Thomas is still depressed about the awful murder of his best friend Chuck . And Mr. D added to this horrible experience of seeing his best friend die , the sight of corpses and zombies .

Way to go !

The second trials have begun now and Teresa is missing . She is replaced by Aris , who apparently was from another maze trials . Now there boys must travel through a zombie haven in order to prove that they are good enough . And I thought my exams were hard .

Cranks and the Flare is introduced . The boys of Group A have now met the girls of Group B . And they are ready to do anything to survive . From zombies to monster weather to rusty bullet to weird metal head-cutting helmet , anything can kill you here .

With Teresa gone , a new love interest in introduced , Brenda , the second in command of a group of sane cranks . She and her command Jorge aids Thomas and his friend to get past the scorch , facing emotional issues , starvation , dehydration and of course .


Follow his journey as the mystery of this fascinating new death world  is slowly unravelled by Thomas , raising more questions while not answering all the ones you got from the previous book .

He founds out that the world had ended with the solar flares and the Flare virus inflicting over the world . And they are immune . Well , not all of them .

It can be said that this great author designed the books with two motives only –

  1. To increase his audience and keep entertaining the current one
  2. Make them buy the sequels

Later .

The Maze Runner – James Dashner 

Mr. D  outdid himself when he was thinking of this one . Every second day , I imagine what was going on in his mind when he came up with this plot .

” Okay , orphan . Doesn’t remember anything . Ok , nice . But it is missing something . Let’s see , what is it ? Oh , I know , a giant maze filled with bio-mechanical monster that are here just to test if these guys can start new civilization because the last one became zombies .”

Salute .

Follow Thomas , in his journey of something that keeps changing many times . He is the main character who doesn’t know a thing about himself and is casted into a giant cage filled with boys who have very wierd vocabulary .

The Glade is the name of the place where they live . The reason of the name is still unknown . It is filled with boys who know nothing but their names and also , building buildings , constructing laws , farming , dairy farming , and are capable of form a gov.

Thomas is aided by two of his friends Newt and Minho as he uses mind to solve a giant maze which could not be solved by 50 supposedly the best in the world kids .

He fights wierd monsters , the creators , wicked people and HIS CURIOSITY to survive and to also to impress his ex-girlfriend Teresa .

After coming in an hostile environment without his memory , he surprisingly quickly gained control to end the Maze Trials . Maybe he was the last trial that the gladers had to face – Civil War .

Start a very confusing adventure with Thomas , which you think will answer all your questions in the end , but it won’t .

One of the few books that gained control of my mind while I was reading it .
Later .

Private India – Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson 

This book is a masterpiece . I know that starting the review like this makes me look like a crazy fan , but damn , it is .

Following the story of Santosh Wagh , this book focuses on one gender-changing psychopath who is also a great devote of Durga .

Both the authors , beautifully have placed a handful of story arcs , some flashbacks , some telling about the main plan in the background and of course the maniacal serial killer taking to himself .

Jack Morgan , the main character of the private series recruits Santosh Wagh , a man recovering from the traumic death of his family for which he blames himself .  Santosh is assisted by the Private team , coming from different corners , societies of the Indian country . The first is Nisha , an orphan , always wondering and fearing that she will lose her family again and almost the last victim of the killer . Another is Hari , the tech expert , a Scheduled Caste scared from the society . The last is Mubeen , the bio-engineer who does …. Um ……  not much .

The book chronicles the character’s journey to what they are today and also of the antagonist’s . Munna , a typical Bombay type gang leader and with a typical name borrowed from Bollywood . One of the story arcs tell his rise from nothing to the leading everything from the dark side of Mumbai .

And then there’s the killer , who …….  . Well, I am not gonna kill the book with spoilers . You might as well read it now . Because I promise you , there’s no way you can’t come with a reason not to .

Look forward to reading the rest of the Private series .

Later .

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